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Código: ST-V

ST-V (GSM)Alarm Systems

New Function
◎ Dual Serial Ports,access to wired and wireless keyboard.
◎ Support two-way communication, enable work with 8 dual-way wried keypad, 8 dual-way wireless keypad, 8 dual-way remote.
◎ support GSM and TCP/IP protocol,network alarm settings.
◎ With 32 wireless zones, 8 wired zones.
◎ dopt bran new 16 bit MCU.
◎ Built-in video module,can view video output on line.
Basic Function
◎ Voice indication for operation, LCD display,Easy to operate than before.
◎ 8 wired 32 wireless zone, 32 BUS zone,210 zone total
◎ 4 subsystem, bidirectional wireless communication
◎ Can connect with wired and wireless keypad
◎ GSM module selection, build-in TCP/IP module
◎ 32 electric appliance control, electric appliance switch timely control
◎ Non-repeat holographic code
◎ Build-in songs doorbell and sound siren
◎ Remote control by telephone,10s address recording, arm/disarm timely and freely
◎ Wireless equipment status checking, wireless alarm linkage
◎ Telephone line cut alarm,
◎ Indication if door and window do not be closed
◎ Build-in 10XAA rechargeable battery





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